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Our very own Hailey talks to the 2015 Drug Court Graduates about her experience with recovery from addiction to alcohol.  Thank you Hailey for allowing us to share your experience, and for your dedication to the recovery movement and Friends of Recovery Sullivan.

Friends of Recovery Sullivan also educates the community and advocates for people in or seeking recovery as well as provide information for family members who wish to recover from the effects of their loved ones addiction.  The cost of addiction is human life and our families now and our future generation.  We are passionate about guiding people to pathways to recovery by developing relationships of trust, care and true concern for your well being.  Click here to read about the true cost of addiction in our communities.  Please check our site frequently as we intend to post updates and helpful information on where to find help.  Feel free to email us or call for guidance.  Above are some links to information we hope you find this helpful on your journey.   

December 2015 - Pamela Pesante, Founder and President of FOR-Sullivan appeared on the Dr. Oz show to discuss her  personal recovery journey and the importance of maintaining her recovery during the holidays.  Pam's passion for peace was exhibited on the air as she engages in a brief meditation with Dr. Mike Dow, Addiction Specialist and regular contributor to the Dr. Oz Show.  

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We are a grassroots organization with peer supporters who have been trained through the Recovery Coach Academy, which is an evidence based peer support certification and is also approved through the Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services. We provide recovery support services to people in recovery and their families.   In one year, we have helped over 100 people and their families find recovery options.  Our approach to recovery is holistic in nature and is designed to empower and assist those in transition from active addiction to a lifestyle of recovery.  Together we identify blocks and barriers to recovery as well as identify motivation for recovery. We then move toward an individualized solution specific to your needs and areas of concern.  


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